the day I got my hand henna-ed

There was a Middle Eastern festival in my campus that was held for four days last week. My faculty has always been very active in holding festivals and events and bazaars with all sorts of things you can find. The FTT (Festival Timur Tengah) is an annual festival that the Arabic major students hold. If I’m not mistaken, the festival consists of movie screening, a variety of competitions (speech, debate, even kebab-eating!), and of course a bazaar. I knew that FTT always has a henna stand whenever their event is on and for years I have been wanting to get myself henna-ed! So I went.

This year they had a henna competition and I actually wanted to register myself as the model. The day of the competition, however, was on the same day of Pasar BIPA. BIPA (Bahasa Indonesia untuk Penutur Asing) is this language course that my faculty has for foreigners who want to learn Indonesian. I figured that the Pasar BIPA, which is also annual and quite popular, would be a more fun event to attend to, so I skipped the henna competition and went to that pasar…. which I later regretted. I saw the results of the henna competition and thought… dayum… those hands could have been mine :”

Thankfully they had their henna stand open for four days. I went there on a Tuesday afternoon and browsed the catalog. There were so many different but equally beautiful patterns that costed around IDR 20k to 40k. I ended up choosing a 25k pattern and had my left hand painted(?) by a lovely kakak whom I forgot her name 😦 It took less than 15 minutes to get my hand painted and I absolutely love the result!

the process of henna-ing

the process of henna-ing

I thought that it would last long, around 2 to 3 weeks since it sinks into your skin, but here I am a week later and the henna is gone. Like, gone gone. Like Gone Girl gone. My hand is clean now. There is no longer a pretty pattern. Boohoo 😦

Nevertheless, I didn’t think it was a waste! It was nice to finally have my hand henna-ed for real even though it didn’t last that long. I am now actually curious in trying out and painting my own hand with my own other hand! I would need some henna supplies though.

Fun fact: when my mum saw my hand she asked where I got it done, and then she said I should be careful. When I asked why, she simply said “well the patterns have meaning and if you accidentally chose a wrong pattern, you might be telling the world that you are getting married!” :p

Stay happy and healthy!


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