Welcome to ahnrina!

ah… the smell of a new blog(?)

If you guys know me in real life, or follow me on Instagram, or subscribe to me on YouTube (hi btw!), you probably already know that I have commitment issues.

Wait, what?

I mean, yeah, I started a YouTube channel around a year ago, I have quite a lot of videos uploaded there, but everything sort of just stopped. There are several reasons why I haven’t been uploading videos anymore (I don’t intend to make this post sound like an argumentative essay but all the essay writing and thesis typing is subconciously affecting my real life 😦 ).

First, my videos were shot in my dad’s office. Yes, I don’t have any other quiet place to shoot videos. I don’t even have my own room. Second, I haven’t had a haul or any new products to show. I was lacking in interesting contents for a video. Third, my schedule was pretty packed. I’m in my last semester of my undergraduate degree and academic things can get pretty hectic.


Right now I have just finished writing my undergraduate thesis. It’s waiting to be reviewed. I have nothing on my schedule other than the Italian class I take on Mondays. So, schedule-wise, I’m basically free.

I have a lot (and by a lot I mean, a lot) of new products that I have bought and haven’t had the chance to review. Content-wise, I am okay.

I have a room to myself right now! I can spend all day inside my room because my sister has left to pursue higher studies in the lovely sunny Brisbane. Room-wise, I have no excuse.

So what’s keeping me from making videos?

Commitment issues. I guess. Or maybe the fact that I don’t have a fancy video editing software that is able to make my videos look more edgy. Or maybe also the fact that I don’t have a standing tripod, and the lighting inside my room is crappy, and even though I have the room to myself my mum is still around and I don’t really like the thought of disturbing her with my voice while I am recording (our rooms are next to each other).

Alas, here I am, starting a new blog, attempting to share the stuff I weren’t able to share on YouTube here. This does not mean I am leaving YouTube, though. If you’re a subscriber, stay subscribed! Videos will come up once in a while and I promise I will make weekly videos once I have the proper equipment.

In the meantime, I will post reviews and random things about life right here in this blog. I do have a Tumblr and I actually wanted to post there but I didn’t want it to get mixed with the pretty and/or hilarious posts I reblog. My Tumblr is just for reblogging 🙂

Anyway! If you’re new and you don’t know me at all, hello! My name is Arina Azizah, my friends call me Arina or Nana. I was born in 1993 and currently waiting for the schedule of my thesis defense ;_; I major in English. I’m 161 cm tall and I am purely Indonesian. Born and raised in Jakarta.

I am a cat person. I have three cats at home. I have a strange obsession with colorful stationery. I love lip products (lip tints are the best thing that has ever happened to my life). I am fond of funny TV series, and Modern Family is my favorite. If you love Modern Family as much as I do and you have watched every single episode more than five times, we can basically be bestfriends. I also like watching Game of Thrones (who doesn’t?) and How To Get Away With Murder.

More about popular culture… I am a fan of K-Pop! Could you tell from my face? It’s funny that one of my lecturers used to say that I don’t look like I listen to K-Pop, she said I looked like the type that listens to Brit-Pop! And I don’t even know what music is categorized as Brit-Pop. Anyhoo. Yes, I do love K-Pop, I used to be an avid fan, I joined a lot of international forums as kokonana (yes, that’s me!) and I even posted a lot of fanfics (for more details on this please contact me privately)! The origin of my username (ahnrina) is even K-Pop inspired. I just mixed the surname Ahn (which is my ultimate bias’s last name) with my name Arina –> ahnrina! Nowadays I just stick to the groups that I like which are Royal Pirates, Teen Top, SISTAR, and a bit of EXO.

My favorite animated characters are (in order of existance) Stitch, Toothless, and Baymax. If you love any of those three or all three like me, we can also be good friends, too 🙂

I think those unimportant details are enough for now. I am sure you’ll get to know me more as I take you through the future posts on this blog. For beautybloggers, expect a ton of products reviews soon!

Until next time, you guys. Stay happy and healthy! xoxo


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