the day I got paid to judge people (literally)

So last Saturday to Monday, I was invited (or actually I applied) to become a judge at the Faculty of Law’s annual ALSA competition — I was chosen to be one of the judges for the speech contest. At first I was wondering why on earth it took 3 days but as it turns out, the first day was the preliminary round, the second day was semifinals, and the last day was the finals. I went to campus on weekdays and it is the first time I had fun for three days in a row.

On the first day, the speech competition was held in the Prof. Boedi Harsono room, which is one of the coldest rooms I have ever been in. It was brand new and shaped like an auditorium. I had to score 27 varsity participants and pick 15 out of them. My partner was Ms. Kirti, an alumnus of LSPR. We saw our scoring sheets and found out that we had totally different perspectives, and I was mean in giving out scores :p

The next day was the semifinals. I judged along with my junior, Ica, a guest judge from LIA, Ms. Tuti, and Mr. Paian. Ica and I shared the same thoughts, a bit with Ms. Tuti, too. Out of the 15 contestants we had to pick only 5 who should go to the finals. On this day I judged for both the high school and varsity category. The high school finalists were: Robert, Riharsa, Priyanka, Gresia, and Salsabila. The varsity ones were: Cristian, Radhy, Shania, Raka, and Bahrul (shout out in the comments if you know any of them!)

The last day ended quick but still fun. The high school finalists really surprised me. They all have great English and their speeches were quite heavy and interesting to listen to. I had a hard time giving scores for them. On the other hand, the varsity guys didn’t impress me much as they did on the first day. Their speeches were sort of… empty, except for one guy. I rooted for him but he didn’t win 😦 The scores varied and it seemed that the other judges didn’t agree with me. Oh! I judged with Ms. Kirti again, Mr. Paian, and Mr. Andrie. The fun thing about the last day is that the judges were given the opportunity to ask one question after each contestant has delivered their speech. Nerve-wracking much?

We finally had to score all the guys. The results for the high school category were Priyanka as 1st place (she’s awesome), Gresia as 2nd (her voice was loud and clear, and her outfit was spot on!), and Salsabila as 3rd place (she’s a lovely Balinese with great English and a soothing voice). For the varsity, Radhy got 1st place, Raka got 2nd, and Shania got 3rd. Those three all have these British accents that were quite pleasing to the ear (or at least my ears).

I’m very happy for the winning contestants! And I feel a bit disappointed for the others, but I really do hope they do not get encouraged. The featured photo above is me with the other judges, committee in front, and the high school contestants. They all did a great job!

Special thanks to Nadia who screened my CV and picked me, as well as Nisa and Bella who have been such sweethearts for the past three days.

Stay happy and healthy!


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