the day I ate a weird looking ice cream and won a book in a talkshow

It was a lovely sunny Thursday. I decided to go to Grand Indonesia, one of the largest malls located in Jakarta, to visit the Kota Tua Market which is an event held by @iprojectid. The reason is simple and specific: I wanted to get my hands on the tint balms by Colorepvblic, a newly established local brand. Alas, I headed to the mall with the ever so lovely companion of mine, Bas.

We arrived around 11 and headed straight to the bazaar. A lot of interesting-looking stuff were on display. Cute clothes, cute shoes, bling bling jewellery, and lots of food. I went straight to the colorepvblic stand and got myself a couple of skinny tint balms. I got them in Sunkissed and Red Wine. Look just how cute the packaging is…

look at the cute packaging...

look at the cute packaging…

Bas and I also took on our version of Murad Osman’s follow me to…



We decided to eat at Marugame which was never a disappointment. Udon is love, udon is life. Then we headed back to the bazaar to get more food because we are hungry pigs like that. We got a corndog, a bottled Thai Tea, and that ice cream on the header of this post. All tasted tasty, and they were all affordable! We got our snacks for under 30k each.

At 2pm-ish we headed back for campus to join Engcarnation‘s fanbase talk show. I must tell you, guys, my juniors did a really good job with this event. They had exciting competitions and then this talk show of Harry Potter and Game of Thrones fanbases. Like, way to attract a crowd! Salud! Bas and I arrived early and we sat inside the newly renovated auditorium in building IV. The talk show started and as I looked around I think we had a full house. Almost all seats were occupied except for a couple in the very first rows. So proud :”

As the talk show ended the audience were given an opportunity to ask something to the speakers. I asked simple questions like “why is the fanbase named Westeros?”, “what are your thoughts on Ygritte?”, “why are you wearing all-Slytherin attributes?”, and “which character do you root for?”. I got thorough answers from each speaker and agreed with most of their opinions. Then it was quiz time! Before the talk show started, I trivia quiz-ed Bas the sayings of the houses in Game of Thrones, but he asked me back what Baratheons’ is, and I was flustered. I google-d it and opened a wiki page of the list of houses and their sayings. Coincidentally, the question during the quiz was “mention at least three houses and their words/sayings (except house Stark because who doesn’t know the Stark words already?)”. I sprinted(?) my hand upwards and went forward and recited the words of House Lannister, Targaryen, Baratheon, Tyrell, and Greyjoy. They asked me Martell and Tully but I was too nervous and I guess my mind sort of went into a blank state. I got the prize nevertheless. It was a translated version of the first book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series. Thank you @WesterosID!

DSC07200(I’m gonna leave it like that because the caption indentation is killing me and yes I am too lazy to rotate the picture)

It was a good day spent! Not to mention that a lovely young lady halted me as I was walking outside to ask about what kind of book did I get. Her name is Fidina and she’s a French major. We spazzed for a good 5 minutes (I think) in the hallways and I had to make Bas wait. We exchanged LINE IDs and isn’t it amazing that she guessed correctly that I’m a Tyrell?? That Bravoosi lady is amazing.

Anyways, got dinner to go and ended the day feeling fulfilled!

Stay happy and healthy, guys!


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