the day I played charades and almost won

Last Wednesday my buddy Fidy and I decided to play Charades. In a tournament. Yes, the Engcarnation 2015 is an event held by my department (English Studies). Mostly the juniors (batches 2012 to 2014) were in charge of it. Competitions like Charades, Story Telling and Short Story Writing were held to spice up the event. Since I am old — the oldest batch still roaming around campus — and I got time to kill, I figured, why the hell not?

Fidy and I nailed the first round. We scored the highest with 29 points. We got Famous People and Professions as the categories. We made it to preliminary round but dammit we got Music and Act it Out. Fidy was so bad at humming (LOL) so we tried to make it up with me acting stuff out. We scored a sad 12 points…

Surprisingly, other pairs didn’t do as well either. We miraculously went into semifinals! We nailed it again because we got the same category as the first round, and we scored a whopping 24 points. The second pair that went to the finals with us scored 20.

Fidy and I were thrilled! We were determined to make it. We lost at the bet of who gets to go first, we got first and chose the topics. The categories we got? Ghosts/Myths and Books. Dang.

Words like Zeus, Sadako, Voodoo, Hephaestus, Orion, and Trojan Horse came up during my turn of describing. I think Fidy guessed less than 6. Then during my time guessing, I think I also scored less than 10, but did slightly better. We got a hard topic. Then it was our rival’s turn and dammit they were good. They ended up winning with 15 points and we only scored 10.

We didn’t get anything for achieving second place but at least we gave the audience a good laugh. When I had to describe Trojan Horse, I said “the name of a virus…” I was referring to the computer virus but Fidy blurted out “Ebola!” and the crowd cracked up. It was so intense and so fun and I thank every single committee and judges who helped us go through this ridiculous tournament.

Stay happy and healthy, guys!


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