the day I (almost) graduated and dodged a bullet in my defense

On Friday the 13th  22nd, I arrived at campus around 7am to get ready for my (undergraduate) thesis defense which was scheduled for 12pm. My buddy Stev also had his defense at 9, so we hung out at the canteen until it was time for him to go. It turns out that we could actually watch the defense if the person presenting is okay with it. So me and 7 of my friends were cramped up(?) in this really small class along with Stev and his three penguji-s (how do you say penguji in English?? OH EXAMINER). His defense went well, he answered all the questions effortlessly, and I’m sure my friends and I who were sitting in the back row did not understand a word that he said. To sum up his defense made me insecure about mine. We took photos outside of building IV and basically had a photoshoot…

us and a bunch of supporters <3

us and a bunch of supporters ❤

So then I had 2 more hours until my defense. I set up the laptop (which was lent to me by beau <3) and waited for almost 30 minutes until my lecturers came. It was lunch time and I started the presentation by apologizing, saying “I’m sorry for interrupting your lunch time” to which my thesis supervisor replied “it’s not your fault” :’)

I had 5 to 10 minutes to prove my point and I guess I ended it quite quickly (I think I didn’t even talk for five minutes, I wonder if timing is one of the crucial points in the scoring??). The most scary part was next: Q&A.

Thankfully, the lecturers who were assigned to test my thesis were very, VERY nice and their comments were all about improving my thesis and correcting the wrong parts. I only got one question regarding the theory I used, but that was all. My supervisor said that her comments were all taken by the other lecturers, so she just added a few points and highlighted the positive part(s) of my thesis (isn’t she a queen??). I went out to wait for them to calculate my score, and when I went back inside I was happy to hear that I got an A! Yay! There is still so much to revise, though. But it was finally over! My supervisor shook hands with me and cipika-cipiki-ed (kiss cheeks? like European greetings?). She also said something like “aren’t you relieved? I’m happy for you.” /sobbing happy tears/

I went outside and three guys were sitting on the bench, waiting. I took pictures with them and a couple more guys who dropped by to say congratulations.

with Bas, Hanif, & Ardam

with Bas, Hanif, & Ardam

I was kind of famished by the time I got out so we headed straight to the canteen and had lunch. After that we watched Tyana’s Dancesport performance at building IX’s auditorium. It was awesome! They used my favorite song (Wang Lee Hom’s Mei) and it was just so fun to watch compared to the other performances. They didn’t win, though. But it was as if they were guest stars instead of contestants! 🙂 We took more photos once the show was done.

look how fab Tyana looks

look how fab Tyana looks

Then the day was done! More photos were taken, more conversations were… held? It was one of the most accomplished days I have ever had. The framed congratulatory message was from beau. Thank you to all of you who have helped me going though this, supported all the way, or even dropped by for a sec.

Stay happy and healthy, guys!


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