the day Bas graduated

Another late post.

So, Bas started his university life in 2010. I started mine in 2011. I graduated in August 2015. He graduated in October 2015. Basically I win in life, so far.

I finally got to meet his little brother! The last time I saw him was probably 1999 or 2000, he was so tiny. Now he is so tall but not taller than me LOL sorry, Ihsan.

Anyway. I attended Bas’ graduation and returned the favor of being a photographer. It was very very HOT which is weird because what’s up with Bogor, aren’t you supposed to be a chill city? I arrived quite early and had to wait and hour or so. Bumped into Ihsan and Alya (his younger siblings) and chatted with them. When Bas came out he hugged me without even realizing his sister was there, LOL.

Since Bas was one of the few people to graduate later than the deadline (he’s supposed to graduate in 2014), there weren’t a lot of people to take a photo with. Even his photos with me weren’t that great, thanks to my annoying hijab that wouldn’t stay in place.


the teddy and box of gifts I brought for Bas

The banner above says “Computer Science 48”. 48 refers to the batch after Bas, or the 2011 students. There was a discrimination happening because the people who took photos in front of the banner were just the 48 students and the 47 ones (Bas and his friends) were practically ignored. Kids these days. Tsk tsk.

After that I tailed Bas and his family and took a bunch of pictures of them. To conform with the tradition of graduation, I told Bas to flip/throw his hat to the air and catch it (if he can).


he threw it, he caught it, he did it

It was a good day for Bas! Didn’t have that much time to spend with him, though. 😦

Stay happy and healthy, guys!


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