the day I graduated

I had my thesis defense in May, then had my graduation in August.

Quite a long time to wait, but so worth it.

I was very happy for graduation. It was on Friday. We had rehearsals on Thursday. To this day I wonder why sometimes the girls overdo it on graduations. Salons, makeup, dress, heels, everything. A couple of days before rehearsals I looked up hijab tutorials for graduation. I made a playlist on YouTube of graduation makeup tutorials. I was preparing for the biggest day in my life so far.

In the end I couldn’t bother with the tutorials. I just took a red pashmina for my graduation rehearsals, wrapped it around the normal way, and did the same for my graduation day but with a cream pashmina. For makeup, I caked up full coverage BB cream, put on eyeliner and mascara, smudged cream blush, filled in my eyebrows, and had two lip colors ready. I just couldn’t bother.

The rehearsal was on Thursday, August 27th. It was at 2pm and I put on makeup after zhuhur. I just couldn’t stand the thought of washing off my makeup for wudhu if I did my face in the morning. Rehearsals went normal, nothing really special except for taking pictures with people I might not meet on the D-day.


with my Orientation Week friends (or OBM as we call it).

What I like about my uni’s toga is that they have different colors for each faculty. For those of you reading who aren’t from UI, orange is Social Studies and Politics, grey is Economy, blue is Engineering, and white is my humble faculty, Humanities. The origin of these colors remain a mystery (I just haven’t done research and nobody seems to know).

And on the D-day, I did the same thing for makeup. We had to be lined up at the parking lot at 1.30 and around 1.15 I was still putting on lipstick, LOL. I forgot the brand of the liquid lipstick I wore, but the color’s name was Reckless. It did not budge at all. I think its name should have been Awesome (this is why I don’t have my own cosmetic line).

Almost teared up during the ceremony because when this singer sang Lilin Lilin Kecil (which translates roughly into Little Candles) one freshman on the benches upstairs turned on the flashlight on his phone, then all freshmen followed. Then the professors on stage followed. I felt obligated to turn on my flashlight, too. Maybe it would be twice more awesome if Jessie J was there singing Flashlight. I just realized Flashlight is actually an appropriate graduation song. Wonder why nobody has ever sang it, though.

When the ceremony was over, it was time to find people outside. Graduation in UI is always a hectic day. You can’t find people you’re supposed to find, but then you meet people you weren’t planning to see. Fortunately, my major always has a spot where graduates flock to, so it made meeting up a whole lot easier. Took a lot of photos, courtesy of my beau (thanks, love). This was one of the first and best photos I took.


my baby juniors who gave me bouquet of flowers that I didn’t expect :”)

Every other photo is on Facebook and Instagram. It was one of the best days in my life, I could say. Getting flowers from people you don’t expect because if they really know you, they’d know you don’t like flowers. Having people take pictures with you, congratulating you, telling your lipstick is bomb. What better way to celebrate the end of writing essays and thinking so hard for critical reading, right?

The day ended with my car breaking down, unfortunately. We had to call an engineer who said he would come the next day. We left our car at dad’s faculty, and took the faculty car home. This is maybe rain after the fake sunshine.

Nevertheless, I had a great time. Beau was there the whole time taking pictures and holding my stuff, helping me change into flipflops the moment I realized that my heels were getting stuck in the cracked soil. Also very grateful that it didn’t rain that day. I guess it had been a long summer, judging from the lack of green grass in the pictures.

Thank you for every one of you who came, gave flowers, said congratulations, took photos and everything else.

Stay happy and healthy, fellow graduates, and everyone of you!


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