the day I took a photo with a white tiger

a.k.a best day ever after graduation! This trip was on November 4th.

Taman Safari Cisarua is the best zoo I have ever been too. Other zoos don’t stand a chance. What makes this zoo distinctive is the safari feel – from the entrance, visitors get to drive their cars through open areas with various kinds of animals. We’re in the cage, and the animals are out and about like they should be.

I’ve been to this zoo several times throughout my life, but the last time I went there was in high school. Nothing much has changed animal-wise. However, we did see this one animal that we thought was new. And adorable. And made us laugh so much because of it’s flat face. It’s the capybara!


too cute for this world

We spent the whole day watching shows. We watched the seal show, dolphin show, cowboy show, and then got disappointed because there weren’t any lion/tiger shows for the day. Boo.

I did, however, took a photo with a white tiger. On my checklist was to take a photo with any type of big cat, and the only one available was a white tiger. There was a lion, but it was still a cub. I wanted a big cat because I have taken photos with cubs before. So this is me and Catherine, who is 11 months old but as big as my sofa at home.


as you can see I was quite afraid when she yawned

Achievement unlocked! Checklist done! The zookeeper said that Catherine was born there. The white tiger on the header of this blog post is actually her dad. How adorable.

We ended the day with browsing through the souvenir shop without buying anything. I held myself from buying yet another stuffed animal. I succeeded.

Stay happy and healthy!


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