the day I wrapped up teaching for the semester

As you might have read from my previous posts, I am currently teaching basic academic English at my uni. For the freshmen. Last semester I got to teach at the Engineering Faculty.

If I had to sum up my experience teaching there, it would be one word: bittersweet. Bitter, because the students were ignorant and noisy and somehow obnoxious. Sweet, because despite their attitude, they were all very smart and thoughtful. The wonders of engineering, am I right?

These guys are just the liveliest, most adorable and annoying students at the same time. I snapped in their class once, during a presentation week. Two groups were having a presentation and the audience just. Couldn’t. Stop. Talking. I finally had to throw some complaints and (slightly) hurtful comments about their attitude. Some of them apologized and the next meeting the class was silent. In my mind, I thought how awful it would be if their scores were low but then I graded their finals and I was like “oh”.

Most of them scored 80 and above.

I guess it justifies them ignoring me in front of the class.

Anyway, on the last meeting (in December 2015) I held a pizza party with them, they all chipped in some bucks and I went to get the pizza and soda. We had a mini photo session in the end. They all gathered their testimonials about the semester. When I read it back home I turned all gooey and sad. They can be really really sweet in the shortest paragraphs ever.

Very thankful for the class captain, Ibe, who had been very helpful since the beginning til the end.

Stay happy and healthy, lovely students!


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