the day of my birthday! (is this redundant?)

Oh, right. The title should be the day I turned 22.

Anyway, my birthday is on October 13th. I was born on the same glorious year as Ariana Grande, but unfortunately my fate didn’t turn out the same as her. Or is that a fortunate thing?

On my birthday I had to teach a class at the Engineering Faculty. After I graduated, I had the opportunity to teach the freshmen of Universitas Indonesia. I teach basic academic English (even until now, as I am typing this post). My birthday just happened to fall on the dreadful day of Tuesday.

Why dreadful? Because October is the month where you start to settle in the class. You know the types of students in the class, and you begin to realize how noisy and overwhelming they can be. At that time, I was already growing tired of my Engineering class, so 80% of my birthday was spent in campus, feeling a bit meh.

Birthday dinners is somewhat a tradition now in my family. Even though I had to finish class at 6, we still headed to the mall anyway. There was unusual traffic so my father and I arrived quite late at the mall, where my mother and my cousin was there waiting (my sister is doing her master’s in Brisbane at this moment).

We spent mom’s birthday in March at Seroeni, a restaurant that serves a blend of Indonesian cuisine with… any other Asian cuisine. We ordered the same dishes we had for mom’s birthday. It tasted delicious as always (not always, we have eaten there only twice).


tomyum squid, broccoli and cheese, tofu and mushroom, chikin, EVERYTHING YUM

All in all it was a great day despite me turning 22 which is an age I consider old. Sometimes I forget I am in my twenties. I still buy stuffed animals, cute stationery, useless toys. At the same time I buy makeup, new clothes, and other things that define being a woman in early twenties. One thing I know for sure is that I will never remember my age because whenever people ask me how old I am, I always reply with “I was born in 1993”.

Maybe I just couldn’t count fast.

Stay happy and healthy, everyone!


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