the day(s) we went to KL for a quick getaway

And by “we” I mean my mother, my beau, and I.

My mother offered me for a holiday, just the two of us, since dad was always so busy. We thought it would be nice to go on a quick vacation before my graduation (graduation post to follow). She asked me the destination, and for some reason I suggested KL.

Mostly because 1. Beau’s family lives there, and 2. Beau’s family lives there.

We booked a flight on the 7th of August, and 11th to return back to Jakarta. One thing I regretted about this trip was that we didn’t have an itinerary. All we had in mind was Batu Caves (it was ‘happening’ at that time) and Putrajaya (this was mostly Mom’s wish).

Alas, we flew. No itinerary at all. We booked this hotel that was adequate and somewhat disappointing on several levels. Here is the list of disappointments that might make people give the hotel just a one star rating:

  1. They didn’t give us toiletries. No shower cap. No toothbrush. No nothing. The soap was a dispenser type beside the shower. And it’s an all in one soap which means you use it for shampoo, too. Boo.
  2. The room was the size of an ATM. Okay, this is me exaggerating, but it is seriously the smallest room I have ever stayed in. Imagine a queen sized bed (or is it king?) and add walls around it. When you open the door, you can directly jump on to the bed. When you set your foot down, you are already stepping on the bathroom mat.
  3. The receptionist/employee was nowhere near friendly. Besides speaking in a heavily Malay-accent English, she accused us of not paying the right amount of money, when in fact, we did. We even counted the money in front of her eyes. I don’t even know why she still works there.

I don’t think I can even post a picture of the room we stayed in. I don’t think we ever took a picture of it. You can go ahead and ask Bas, or his mom, or my mom, for validation of how tiny the hotel room is.

The upside is, they had superspeed wifi that you can connect to even when you are at the 711 next door. That’s all.

Now on to the places we visited. On our first day, we arrived at noon. Bas’ parents picked us up at KL Sentral and we had lunch. In the evening, we visited his apartment/where his family stayed. Then his dad dropped us in the middle of the city for sightseeing. I like what I saw.


they take malls to the next level. Shame on you, Jakarta.

For the next day, we went to Batu Caves! This was on my to do list. Nothing was that impressive, really. The beautiful caves requires entry fee. We ended up just taking pictures around the free zone(?). There was a lot of pigeons. And monkeys. I don’t like monkeys.


We don’t need selfie sticks, yo.

After that we took the train to KLCC, then the Central Market. We admired how huge KLCC is, checked out the price of books in Kinokuniya, and cursed at how crowded the mall was (mostly done by me). At Central Market, we only surveyed for the souvenirs we wanted to buy, and planned on coming back later.

Day three was a tad more interesting, the first half. We went to Putrajaya (at mom’s request) and visited the Red Mosque. Still as grand as ever, the mosque had a lot of tourists sightseeing. Since you have to cover all your aurah when entering a mosque, they had a counter where people can borrow… cloaks? I think it’s cloaks. Like a coat with a hoodie. The cloak was red, and a bunch of people were wearing it. It looked scary.


ignore my face and marvel at the creepiness of people in red cloaks.

Then we requested Bas to drive us up to Genting Highlands, which was a mistake. There were constructions everywhere, we couldn’t find where the hell the park was, and the parking was full. After driving for like, 3 hours, we settled on a mamak place to have late lunch. Basically our whole trip summed in two words is “late lunch” (we continued to have late lunch for the following days until our flight back home).

After being very disappointed with Genting, Bas took us to the biggest mall in Asia(?). Or was it the biggest in Southeast Asia? Just Malaysia? I forgot what the name was. We found Daiso there, and bought a bunch of stuff. Daiso is like that weird friend who is abnormally interesting. You can find a lot of interesting stuff that you don’t need but you buy anyway. We spotted a shop that has my name on it so naturally I felt obligated to take a picture of the sign.


there goes my chance of making a tea shop with my name on it.

The next day we had no plans whatsoever so we just let it roll. In the morning we visited the botanical gardens, which thankfully had a bonsai and orchid exhibition at that moment. We took a lot of plant-related photos. Bas and I also rode that boat where you had to paddle and circled the lake. We found one lonely goose in the island in the middle of the lake. We were supposed to spend I think 15 minutes but once we circled the lake we thought that it was enough. My favorite was the orchids, though.


look how tiny and adorable this specific type of orchid is ❤

Then we thought it would be fun to visit the Central Market again and shop for the trinkets we planned on buying. I saw a standing banner at the entrance about a pop art place that just opened. Since we haven’t had that much fun yet, I suggested we go there. It was the right choice! Nobody else was visiting that place so we had each and every photo spot all to ourselves.


making our way down to Bikini Bottom.

That was pretty much it for the day. We had late lunch again (see?) at the food court. Then the car broke down, LOL. Bas had to wait a couple of hours in our hotel room for the engine to cool down because for whatever reason the fan(?) wasn’t working.

The next day was basically going home day. Our flight was in the afternoon so we didn’t have any time left to sightsee. Bas took us to the airport using the express train (I requested it), and in less than 30 minutes we arrived at KLIA. For 33 MYR a person, we had so much time to save in that train ride. I actually thought it would be more worth it if we spent more time in the train since it was very comfy.


typical “I don’t want this holiday to end” face.

So that was that! Our vacation lasted for like 5 minutes. I don’t even remember the details anymore. Lesson learned, when you are going for a 4-day holiday, make sure you have each day planned in detail. Otherwise you’re just gonna end up hopping mall to mall with no apparent reason.

Stay happy and healthy, guys!


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