Summer in Sydney (Week 2)

The first week was exhausting. I walked non stop for four days straight. After curing myself from the walking hangover on Sunday, I decided to hit the city again on Monday. This time it’s just me, alone.

I went to four different Pricelines in the city just to find one particular brand (Face of Australia). I ended up doing a massive drugstore haul. After sightseeing and eating a fillet-o-fish combo, I walked to the botanical gardens. From the Town Hall station I made my way to Hyde Park, walking in a really slow pace since my stomach was still digesting the unhealthy lunch I had had (omg I can finally use “had had” in a sentence!). Cut through Hyde Park and I found myself near the Art Gallery. I thought it wouldn’t hurt looking inside so I went. The classic paintings amazed me most.


Then I went to the contemporary art section and was again amazed. I was amazed at how such simple… stuff(?) are considered art.


pretty cool for a selfie tho

Then it got late, I missed the off-peak hours so I decided to just go ahead and cut through the botanical gardens to make my way to Circular Quay. Saw a different angle of the Opera House.


On Tuesday, I chilled at home again with KitKat. I didn’t feel like going anywhere after hauling a lot of stuff at the drugstore the day before. Mostly I watched the TV and cuddled with KitKat.


The next day, the lovely Lenny was kind enough to give me another tour of her campus, since the tour last week wasn’t tour-y enough. We visited USYD again and my cousin, Debby, tagged along.


by far the awesomest building in USYD

Then on Thursday, Lenny and I went to the beach! Finally! The taste of real summer. We went to Coogee and Bondi. I kinda like Bondi better. On our way back to the Junction, however, we saw this small isolated beach that I do not know existed. Should definitely go back there someday.

We ended the day with late lunch at Pancakes on the Rocks. Yum!


Friday was me chilling at home. My uncle, aunt, and his two children left for Melbourne, leaving Debby and me home alone. Both of us didn’t know how to cook, LOL. Chilled with KitKat, as always. Did some laundry. Then I went to Bankstown Central and bought lunch to go: a humongous kebab.


And Saturday was a full at home day. Debby went out with her friends and I of course babysat the adorable KitKat.


how adorable, right?

On Sunday, Lenny accompanied me pick up my sister at the airport. We took the train and the bus to reach the domestic airport. Went back home to put away her luggage, then shopped and had lunch at Bankstown. After that we went to the city again just to look around and try out stuff at H&M and Forever21 (and buying nothing, LOL).


“I wasn’t ready” selfie

That’s a wrap for week 2!

Coming up next on week 3: WildLife Zoo, Australia Day, Cat Cafe, USYD, Paddy’s Market, Macquarie Center, Manly SeaLife (this week is where all the adventure starts!)


Stay happy and healthy!


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