Summer in Sydney (Week 3)

My sister and I started off our week together with breakfast at Devon. My friend Tammy recommended it so it was my second time there. We decided to just order one menu and split it. NO REGRETS. It was our best breakfast ever.



In case you were wondering, yes that is salmon. Also with poached eggs, mayo, and some sort of eel rice croquette that tastes so delish~.

Then we proceeded to go to the WildLife Zoo at Darling Harbour! Saw a lot of animals, mostly reptiles and snakes, unfortunately. But we did spot cute koalas, a wasted wombat, a kookaburra, several kangaroos. I wanted to pet a koala but we had to pay 20 dollars so I thought hell nah maybe next time when I’m richer.

After that we had lunch — Quay Seafood! Our favorite childhood fish and chips and also seafood salad. Then of course we took pics of Sydney’s most touristy landmarks.


attempting a 2in1 shot

The next day was AUSTRALIA DAY a.k.a just a day when literally all the people all over the country/continent gather to just celebrate. Don’t ask me the history of it, you can just google, you know.

The day was lit as well. I thought it couldn’t get better until we reached Wednesday which meant CAT CAFE and a third USYD tour!!! Psyched.

Then on Thursday we started the day a bit late, going only to Paddy’s Market. Finished it off with early dinner at Macquarie Center which is now my favorite mall in Sydney so far!!!


socialite wannabe

On Friday, my sister and I went to Manly. We rode the ferry and spent about an hour at Manly Sea Life looking at penguins and other animals. We ate lunch by the beach and decided to go back to Macquarie Center since we loved it so much. But then there was a storm we didn’t hear of while we were at the mall. The trains stopped operating and we had to take the bus home which was a long, long ride home.

We spent Saturday at home but on Sunday we went out to just make the best of our free trips using the Opal card. We had breakfast at Bankstown and then met up with Lenny again downtown.Went to Jubilee Park and this random area with neighborhoods whose houses scream #GOALS. I want a house here. Took the light rail back home and it was the last time seeing Lenny before I had to head back to Jakarta 😦

The following Monday, my sister and I JUST HAD to go to Cat Cafe again because we weren’t satisfied enough with our last visit. Said byebye to the adorable Darth Beauty (the fat black and white cat) who easily made it as our favorite.

Then it was over! Tuesday we stayed at home since we were both flying on Wednesday. I spent the last night there watching Grease Live with KitKat. Then my uncle and Debby dropped us off the next morning at the airport. Sad. My 3 week vacation ended just like that!

I would like to say thanks to Rifqi, who accompanied my first week there; Lenny, for always being up for a day out and an adventure; my sister Buni, who flew to Sydney to see me and of course picked up the stuff I brought for her from hometown; and last but not least my uncle and his family for offering me a place to stay.

I hope this series wasn’t too boring for you guys to read! Can’t believe it took me months to complete it. Apologies.

Stay happy and healthy!




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