the day(s) I judged for money (again), I got my hand henna-ed (again), and I crashed UQ’s alumni gathering

Remember my last post about judging a speech competition? I did it again this year! This time I was only present for the whole high school rounds, but only the final round for the varsity category. I was pleasantly entertained by the high school contestants — the winner had an Obama vibe, the runner-up sounds like a BuzzFeed video narrator, and the third winner kinda reminds us of Alex Dunphy! Here’s a picture of me and my two judge-friends as well as the winners behind us.


In this month I also got my hand henna-ed again, but this time in a henna war! The lady who did my hand was so nice and she kept complimenting how nice my hands are and how long my fingers are. I shook it off by saying ‘yeah true but I have hair all over’ to which she replied IT DOESN’T MATTER. Look at the masterpieces, though.


Then Dad had this event to attend, some sort of gathering for Indonesian alumni of UQ. He told me to join because Mom wasn’t present and maybe just to meet people? Took photos with the vice chancellor, lol.

I guess that wraps up the fun month of April.

Stay happy and healthy!


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