the day(s) my friends graduated, I took a teacher’s training, and I found out we had new kittens

So now I am just gonna attempt to do a mass update. Gonna post what happened from February until July, the month I am typing this post. Talk about procrastination, huh?

Early February was a happy time for my fellow English-major classmates. They graduated! I made paper flowers and attached them to pencils so that it won’t wither like all the real flowers they received. LOL

The next significant thing that happened in February was my second teacher training. The facilitator was Draper Kirke, a fun guy who teaches English in Korea. Like, excuse me, Sir, but that’s my dream. I took a photo with him and he taught me the little heart gesture you do with your thumb and forefinger. I wasn’t updated on K-Pop at that time so I didn’t know. I learned a new Korean gesture from an American English teacher. Cool.


my awkward (heart), the adorable Mr. Kirke, and my colleague Angga

The NEXT big thing was that when I came home from Sydney, mother said that my youngest female cat GAVE BIRTH to FOUR KITTENS. I was delighted. We have seven cats now. I am on my way to become the crazy cat lady I have always dreamed of (not).


her name is Putu. from left to right: Oput (male), Beth (female), Gewis (female), OJ (male)

And that concludes the month of February!

Stay happy and healthy, guys 🙂


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