the day I got addicted to moodboards

So, as you may have known (from real life or if you follow me on Twitter), I am an avid K-Pop fan. Since 2009 I have been following tons of boybands and girlbands and I enjoy listening to their music so very much. However, around 2012 I stopped updating myself because 1. the rookies debuting were just overwhelming, and 2. I got busy with university life. Throughout the period between 2012 and 2015ish I didn’t completely shut down myself from K-Pop — I know about EXO and other groups debuting and I still listened to new songs — but there wasn’t really a group that I heavily stanned.

That all changed until I discovered Bangtan.

Around May 2016 I was just randomly surfing through YouTube and just watching my regular video subscriptions when a Bangtan MV popped up in the ‘recommended for you’ area. It was their Fire MV. I decided to check it out.

Wrong move.

I got sucked into the Bangtan vortex and now I am stanning them so hard, I ditched my real life Twitter and went back to spazz on my K-Pop account. So I watched all their MVs, tried memorizing their names (at that time I couldn’t differ V from Jungkook like wtf), then spazzed to nobody.

But thank God for 3hee. 3hee is a small group my friends and I created back in the 2009 era. It consists of just three people: Jihee, Daehee, and Sunhee (me). We kinda bonded over the same groups and just stuck together because our Korean names (that we gave/chose for ourselves) happen to have the same sound. So at this point Jihee and Sunhee are out of the Hallyu wave but Daehee managed to stay in the loop. When I discovered Bangtan, I ran to Daehee and asked if she stanned them and I was so happy when she said she did. Then of course we dragged Jihee into the depths of hell. So now we’re all Bangtan stans.

What does this story have to do with moodboards, you ask? Well, again back in 2009 I used to write lots of fanfictions — some in English, some in Indonesian, some one shots, some series — and Bangtan has become my new muse nowadays. But Daehee introduced 2hee to moodboards. She just randomly took pictures of us and created a moodboard for us and we basically flipped the f out. Then I got inspired and I started making some of my own.

I even created a new Instagram account just to post moodboards.

So there you have it! An update on my recent obsessions which involve seven dorky Korean boys and a palette of color coded pictures.

Stay happy and healthy!


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