the day of my birthday (redundant?)

So October 13th 2016 is the best birthday ever so far. Ignoring the fact that I am now 23 years old, it has been the best birthday ever so far. I used to think that 23 is the age that I wanna get married, but now I am rethinking my life choices because there’s still so much I wanna do. I need to get my master’s degree. I need to go to Korea. I need to teach. I need to learn. I need to go on vacation. There are tons of thinks I want to do and enjoy alone, and I think I do deserve it. So. Happy 23rd to myself, I guess. Postponing my plans to get married.


I woke up on the morning of my birthday feeling all dizzy. I had soooo much work to do. I had 90+ paragraphs to review and give feedback, I had three classes to teach on that day, I had 6 videos to sub. Everything was jumbled and I didn’t know what to do first. So the night before I thought FUCK IT and just went to bed early. Woke up dizzy. Classic me.

On my way to campus the sun was shining and I was happy. If you know me, you’d know that my mood depends on the sun: if it’s sunny, I’m happy. Then when I arrived at campus it started getting cloudy. Naturally my mood also became gloomy.

The first class I taught was okay. The students were quite attentive and their show and tells were entertaining. My second class was also fine. But I had to stop by my Monday class and retrieve their assignments, and they started singing happy birthday to me because my friend (who doubles as my assistant on Mondays, lol, love you Jihee) told my class on Monday that my birthday is this Thursday. They sang for me and I awkwardly stood their smiling and being thankful.

Then on my third class, last class of the day, I got soaking wet on my way there because it started raining heavily. My mood dropped again. I texted Jihee to ask if we were meeting that day but she said she had class, so I was like oh ok. After assigning some work to my class, I went outside to go to the loo. AND JIHEE WAS OUT THERE BY THE DOOR. She hugged me and said happy birthday and said she wanted to sit in my class so of course I let her. Once I came back from the toilet she was nowhere to be found and from outside my class I see her sitting in my chair and the lights were off. I was wondering why the hell are my students doing their exercises with the lights off. So I came in and it clicked – THEY’RE GONNA SING FOR ME. And they did. Jihee told them to, LMAO. So I stood there in front of the class awkwardly again, and one student even came to the front holding his lighter, for me to blow because we had no candles. It was adorable. Another student recorded the process LOL. I was so thankful and they were very cheerful and adorable. So on that day, two of the six classes I taught sang happy birthday to me, which obviously made my day.

I went to Starbucks after, with Jihee, and I redeemed my free drink birthday treat. So we sat there and I waited for my mother to pick me up. I had a dinner date with my bf and my mother agreed to drive me to the mall (I can’t drive and not allowed to by yours truly, mother). I had to quickly leave and hugged Jihee and my other friend one last time before sprinting to my car. Arrived at the mall and I walked around finding something I can buy to treat myself. Bought stationery. Classic me: the sequel.

So my bf finally arrived and we walked around, had dinner, he bought all these presents that I have been putting on my wishlist: Laptopper, a laptop bag, a Uniqlo outerwear. I proceeded to treat him dinner. He walked me to my car (Dad picked me up) and handed me over all the presents WHICH I AM GRATEFUL FOR THANKS BB.


As I arrived at home I noticed there were two packages waiting for me. One was an order I placed two days ago, some skincare products.  The other was something flat.

Backstory: @refrainbow on Twitter is an Indonesian artist. She makes illustrations of K-Pop idols and my favorite merch from her is her Bangtan keychains. One time she designed a pouch and she created four different illustrations: the rap line (three members) and a limited edition of Jungkook (one of the vocalists). When she opened the pre-order, I only ordered the Jungkook and Rapmon version. At that time, those two were my favorite members. But then I grew to love another member, J-Hope, but the pre-order was closed. I wanted to visit her at AFAID but I had other stuff to do. I asked her if she had any leftovers from the exhibition, and she said she exactly had one J-Hope pouch left. I immediately said I would buy it from her. She asked me for my address, so I gave it. But then she left me hanging—I asked for her account to transfer the money but she never replied. I decided to leave it be.

But then today THE FLAT PACKAGE actually contained the J-Hope pouch I wanted! I DMed her to let her know that it has arrived, but that I haven’t paid her yet. Then she said I could just have it for free. I was like WAIT WHAT??? Are you psychic? IT’S MY BDAY. IT ARRIVED TODAY. She then said I should just take it as a birthday gift then, and she wished me happy birthday. At this point I was already internally sobbing and being so grateful so I made a promise I would attend all the exhibitions that she’s gonna attend in the future just to buy more merch from her. SHE IS AN ANGEL.


Other than that, Jihee created this edit of Rapmon’s instagram profile wishing me a happy birthday.


My ex-student posted on Path, comparing me to Emma Watson and wishing me happy birthday too.


My 6-year-Kpop friend, Sophie, decided to write a fanfic for me. My other soulmate, Daehee, is also in the process of finishing her fanfic for me. ALL THESE PRESENTS SERIOUSLY MADE MY DAY. People are so nice to me. I won’t take anything for granted from now on.

So to you all who have been blessing me with a wonderful experience and thoughtful presents: THANK YOU. I LOVE YOU. You are angels. I’ll see you in heaven if I make it there too, LMAO.

Sidenote: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BTS’ JIMIN! Thrilled that we share the same birthday because it makes me feel that BTS are celebrating my birthday, too.

Stay happy and healthy, people!


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