outfit of the week: 2016/2017 term 1

As you might have known already, I have been teaching academic English for the past 4 semesters. I started out this “program” just on my 3rd semester, where in each meeting I would pick one or two (or three, even) students in class who wore the best outfit that day. Best outfit according to who? Me. Completely subjective but I hope that they get a little sense of achievement and fashion confidence whenever they get picked. Some might argue that it’s an invasion of privacy or it’s unethical to take pictures with people because of what they are wearing. To cater to these people’s assumptions, hereby I shall post all the outfit of the week photos, but with their faces cropped, to protect their identity. To see the outfits better, click on each pic!

First up, my students from the Faculty of Law.

Next, my nurse(?) students. GIRL POWER!

Below are my dentistry students. The class is on the same day as my nursing students, hence the same outfits that I wore.

Coming up is the faculty of mathematics and natural sciences. I teach two classes in this faculty, so that explains the number of photos.

Last but not least, the lovely engineering students.

Surprisingly this thing received compliments, some students said it was fun and original and it made them have something to look forward to in class. Phew!

If you’re one of my students and  you would like the full version of this photo, hit me up!

Until my next post, stay happy and healthy!



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