[rant] I need to get out of a rut!

So I don’t know exactly  how many of you actually visit this blog and religiously keep yourselves updated. I do appreciate it if any of you actually do that… and I have figured out a way to keep myself creating something. I bought a new camera over two years ago, yet I still haven’t resumed my YouTube channel. I got a tripod to go with the camera and a bunch of new stuff to review, but I still didn’t make any videos. I purchased a whole lot of clothes to make a lookbook on, and though I did manage to record some footage, I failed to edit it into a video.

I mean, this happens to a lot of people, right? It’s not just me? Just now I was watching a YouTube video by Lucy Moon, which is one of the many YouTubers I subscribe to and potentially one of my faves. I thought I should make content. I should stop slacking and just do stuff!

I think the reason why I have been putting off doing stuff is because I want everything I make to be perfect. I don’t have the editing software that can give me fancy effects, that’s why I didn’t even try to edit my videos. My laptop is close to dying that it could not support a savvy editing software, which is another excuse for me to not post videos.

But then I got a new phone. The camera is superb, so I can make videos there, right? Phones have video editing apps, so I can edit them on spot, right?

Am I actually talking to anybody here? Should I continue writing blog posts? Making videos?

People will watch, right?

Even if not I still think I should do it just to make myself feel better.

And now I am off to play Superstar BTS.


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