Born in the year 1993, the girl who has more than three nicknames wishes she was born earlier. Or later. She can’t really decide.

Her elementary friends call her Arina. Her middle school friends, Ina. Her high school friends sometimes call her Arina or Nana. Friends in university know her by Nana. Twitter and K-Pop friends refer to her as Kokonana or Ahnrina. Whatever you call her, she is the same INFP turned ESTJ, shameless Swiftie, Instagram fashion-blogger wannabe.

After graduating from English Studies in August 2015, Nana (maybe you should just call her Nana, for simplicity purposes) is now teaching basic academic English for the freshmen of Universitas Indonesia while juggling other part time jobs like translating, subtitling, and teaching IELTS. She is determined to obtain a master’s degree, pick up the Korean language, and travel the world before she settles down to marry in (probably) 2019.


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